Town Of Kirkland

Donna Maxam

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Table Of Contents:
The Town Clerk’s responsibilities derive mainly from Town Law, Section 30. The Town Clerk acts as Recording Secretary at the Town Board meetings. These minute books are retained permanently for both legal and historical purposes. The Town Clerk’s Office also maintains records of local laws, Town Oaths of Office, proofs of publication and posting of legal notices and Notices of Highway Defects and the official bulletin board. Licenses and permits are issued through the Town Clerk’s Office as well, including: marriage, dog, hunting & fishing, going-out-of-business, games of chance, bingo and handicapped parking. Local licenses/permits issued by the Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk include: garage sale, sanitary, sewer, building, Zoning Board of Appeals applications. The Town Clerk notifies various local and State Departments regarding vacancies and appointments. The Town Clerk’s office also records all fixed assets of the Town.
Issues State and local licenses/permits; coordinates elections and Records Management program; maintains a record of all Town Board meetings, local laws; custodian of Town Records, Notary Public; audits bills; filing officer