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Welcome to the Town of Kirkland

Founded in 1787 by pioneers from Connecticut, the picturesque village was widely known during the 19th century for its many private secondary schools, a distinction that earned it the sobriquet Schooltown. For nearly 100 years, these academies and seminaries met the educational needs of hundreds of students throughout the Northeast, including U.S. president Grover Cleveland, Red Cross founder Clara Barton and transcontinental railroad visionary and university founder Leland Stanford.Other famous people in American history attended Hamilton College, which sits atop a hill overlooking the village. Founded in 1793 as the Hamilton-Oneida Academy by the Revered Samuel Kirkland, a missionary to the Oneida Indians, it was chartered as a college in 1812 by the New York State Board of Regents. Today it stands as one of America's oldest and finest liberal arts colleges. Among its many prestigious alumni are abolitionist Gerrit Smith, U.S. Vice President James Sherman, painter Daniel Huntington, poet Ezra Pound, and distinguished statesman Elihu Root.  With its beautiful trees charming small-town atmosphere, Clinton is also a wonderful place to take a leisurely stroll. While visitors might easily spend several days taking advantage of all that Clinton has to offer, the village's central location, nice restaurants, and variety of bed and breakfasts also make it an ideal location from which to explore other regional attractions. In addition to its many beautiful scenic vistas, Central New York is rich in American history. Visitors to the area can visit the Erie Canal Village, Fort Stanwix National Monument, the Oriskany Battlefield and the Baron Von Steuben Memorial. Whether you are a lifetime resident, just passing through or new to the area... we hope that Clinton feels like home to you. See you around town!


Supervisor - Robert J. Meelan
Deputy Supervisor - Garry Colarusso
Councilmembers - Michael D. O'Neil
Councilmembers - Fred Lomanto
Councilmembers - Garry Colarusso
Councilmembers - Donna Yando
Town Clerk - Donna Maxam
Receiver of Taxes - Sarah McCullough
Assessor - Nina Wallace
Superintendent of Highways - Jon Scott
2020 Receiver of Taxes Information

January Office Hours:    Monday thru Friday 9am to 1pm and Tuesday 5pm to 6pm

Phone:                         315-853-3324



Important Information:  Taxes will be due without penalty by Friday, January 31st. A US postmark (not a private metered postmark) of no later than January 31st is acceptable.

                                   Tax information will not be available until December 27th.

                                   If you need a bill sent to a temporary address or would like it emailed, please send an email to ASAP

                                   There is a drop box in the receiver of taxes office door.  All are encouraged to leave their phone number on the payment in case there are issues with the check.

                                   Check or money order is fine.  CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.  NBT bank across the street can easily provide a money order for a low cost.

Old/Expired Prescriptions

Old/Expired Prescriptions Can Now Be Dropped Off At The Town Hall/Supervisor's Office Between Normal Office Hours


Monday Through Friday


9:30am to 4:30pm